Welcome mortals to a portal that will lead you to many wondrous places.  Find magic, horror, love, and humor. My name is Renee and I shall be your guide. Click the Menu button and you will find my current novels, information about upcoming novels and a variety of ways to contact me…if you wish.

If you find, as you leave, you don’t feel quite as alone and you did before. Well then, I’ve done my job correctly.

Now about me. My name is Renee Lake. I am a mother of 4, a writer and a reproductive rights activist. When I am not at work, struggling through writer’s block or dealing with my adorable monsters you can find me trying to keep my anxiety at bay. I do this by either roaming the wilds of Thedas or shopping on the Citadel or with my nose in whatever book I am currently fascinated with.

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